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Pathways Business Services

The Pathways Consulting Group (PCG) is organized to serve clients that are unlikely to establish joint ventures or collaborative agreements with other Pathways groups.  Clients may be companies, healthcare clinics, healthcare providers, academic institutions, associations, government units, or independent research and development groups.

These clients may also contract with other Pathways Groups. Two PCG client companies that produce medical informatics algorithms have established agreements to embed unstructured Pathways natural language medical interviews in their systems.  PCG may help them develop Health IT clinical interviews without a role in their use of Pathways Cybernetics linguistics technologies.

This structure assures that PCG projects do not overlap with other Pathways operations.  PCG defines, analyzes, and facilitates IT Solutions without engaging in production or management.  If a PCG client wishes to purchase products or services from other Pathways groups, they may submit bids.

For example, a Pathways collaborative enterprise partner, Occupational Health Strategies (OHS), also contracts with PCG for consultation on development and deployment of cinematic learning systems to enhance OHS services.

PCG’s primary goal is health system improvement through the consultative development of more effective health technologies.


PCG accepts consultation requests from health service providers, companies, organizations, and government groups that engage in work related to health policy and strategic management, public health, or healthcare technology.  PCG priorities focus on strategically meaningful capabilities to improve resource management and operations.


Pathways is a network of professionals and companies.

Pathways Consulting Group addresses selected health sector challenges by engaging an internal network of professionals and affiliated companies in project teams that analyze problems, develop strategies, improve IT solutions and produce Health IT solutions.

PCG business structure is based on strategic affiliations with more than one hundred specialized health professionals and fifty companies or government units. Pathways manages all network partnerships, collaborative agreements, and service contracts with these affiliates for PCG.  Project teams are staffed and directed by PCG.

Pathways is responsible for all operational management support including accounting, marketing, and sales.  PCG is responsible for all services including project scheduling, client support, and follow up.  This organizational structure allows PCG project team leaders to focus exclusively on results.


A five-member PCG management committee coordinates selection, assignment, and operational management for each project team.  The management committee names a director and assistant director for each project and meets with the project leaders regularly to provide strategic perspectives and assist them with operational decisions as necessary. The management committee is responsible for assurance that PCG projects are properly correlated with the activities of other Pathways business units. 

PCG Management Committee

Executive Members

Gaylord Nordine, MD, DPH – Pathways Consulting Group President

Andrew Czuchry, Jr. Chief Operations Officer
Richard Levinson, MD, MPA – VP; Management, Public Health, and Research
Jonathan Dopkeen, Ph.D., Dopkeen & Associates; Health Policy and Management

Advisory Members

Andrew Nordine, MD, MS – VP; Health Informatics
Jeffrey Nordine, Ph.D. – VP; Educational Strategies 


Denise Anderson – Project Team Coordination Support