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Pathways leads a collaborative network of health professionals and companies organized to address health sector challenges by contracting to develop health information technology solutions for healthcare providers, consumers, companies, and government organizations.

Pathways - Five Service Divisions

Pathways Clinical Associates

The healthcare system is too specialized and complex. Midwest Clinical Group teams help healthcare professionals improve their efficiency and extend patient support services beyond office visits to deliver “Healthcare Everywhere.”

Avante Personal Training

Eighty percent of healthcare outcomes are directly related to informed individual action. People need more personal training than healthcare professionals can provide.

Research shows that direct “in person” training is required.

Pathways Avante produces health and performance training programs that include anytime-anyplace outreach technologies to support health self-management capabilities.

Pathways Consulting Group

Public health,m employment policies, and government initiatives greatly influence personal health.  Pathways Business Service teams help companies, communities and organizations develop policies and practices that create better health environments, promote health self-management, sustain wellness, and enhance recovery from illness or injury.

Knowledge Management Technologies

Pathways Cybernetics produces world class anytime-anywhere-any channel or device communications, e-health transactions, integrated i-Brain databases, personalized video, and outcomes measurement technologies whenever or wherever needed to enhance healthcare services and improve personal health self-management capabilities.

Human Assets Institute

When new healthcare or personal health management solutions are needed, HAI develops and leads research initiatives, produces new technologies, organizes pilot programs, and maintains related intellectual properties.

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