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Pathways Cybernetic Systems

Knowledge Management Technologies are at the core of all Pathways operations.  Healthcare involves six processes – communication, interaction, diagnosis, procedures, prescriptions, and health self-management education.

Three of these processes – diagnosis, procedures, and prescriptions – are professional skills.  The others – communication, personal tranactions, and education – are interpersonal capabilities shared by healthcare professionals and any person who uses health knowledge.

Both process sets above require sophisticated communication, database, interaction, and outcome measurement technologies.

Professional skills are very important, but interpersonal capabilities determine eighty percent of healthcare outcomes.  The best procedures and medicines may be ineffective unless each person follows instructions and independently manages health behaviors. 

To personalize health service processes Pathways and Impact AI, LLC joined to create, Pathways Cybernetic Systems (PCS,LLC), an independent Pathways group member that produces world-class communication, transaction and evaluation technologies.

Core PCS components are the Impact-AI i-Brain and MedVault database systems.

PCS helps people (consumers and healthcare providers) navigate health services to find the best personal health solutions.

Pathways Cybernetic Systems integrate worldwide multi-channel communication, transaction, and outcomes measurement.  These technologies also enhance Pathways healthcare, health self-management, occupational health, and research programs.

PCS Communications

Pathways Communications Systems support interactive voice, text, video, and telemedicine links for anytime-anyplace access.  Personal services are staffed by Magellan Global Health professional navigators (physicians and nurses) with access to subscriber personal health records.  

The system gives subscribers personal relationships with healthcare professionals who have access to their personal records.  3G Cellular contacts can include two-way imaging that makes working relationships more effective.  If communication is limited to voice-only connections, Internet appointments are scheduled. 

Medicare research has revealed that personal relationships, two-way video images, scheduled appointments, and interpersonal expectations produce better personal health management results.

Personal Health Databases

Pathways health records are based on a partnering relationship with Impact AI and Care Span International ( a worldwide Telemedicine Virtual Clinic, health database and analytics company the provides professional healthcare services, person centered healthcare, and analytic services to self-insured employers.

Pathways Linguistics

Pathways linguistics technologies are based on proprietary structured and unstructured automated interactive natural language technologies that gather personal information to be integrated with claims and clinical data.  The result is a comprehensive personal health informatics profile from which personal health solutions can be developed.  

Pathways Cybernetics is the only health data system that integrates the three essential information sources that fully profile a person with reference to claims, clinical information, and natural language personal history. 


High level companies favor video training systems as best employee education process.  The traditional services health sector has been slow to adopt interactive video training techniques.  Pathways Cybernetics utilizes proprietary owned or shared video training systems.

Many excellent video training products are available in the United States, but it is difficult to deliver them effectively.

Pathways and strategic partners, On Demand Health Media, and Knowledge NRG solve this problem by acquiring the best inventory of health training videos, matching video content to personal health risk appraisal information, delivering video solutions directly from subscriber platforms, and dynamically measuring user progress.  The smae process serves both healthcare providers and consumers. 

Personal Health Solutions

Pathways communication, CareSpan informatics, and video training platforms produce efficient effective, personalized health solutions to individual consumers, families, employers and service organizations when and where needed.  These flixible systems differentiate Pathways Personal Health Information Technology Solutions from all others available.

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