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Human Assets Institute


Human Assets Institute (HAI) is a not-for-profit research and development group for Pathways.

Other Pathways groups focus on healthcare, personal performance, business services, and Health IT Cybernetics.  When new solutions are needed, HAI organizes research and development groups to develop new strategies or research projects.

HAI works independently on new Pathways initiatives, organizes study teams, develops new technologies, and manages funded research.  HAI holds Pathways intellectual properties.

Organization and Management

HAI organizes independent project teams as needed to conduct development or research initiatives.  As an internal task group, HAI does not maintain its own staff, management system, or marketing, sales, and product support functions.  All these services are provided by the Pathways corporate executive group.

Projects and Operations

HAI enters contracts with companies, government, or private clients to develop new products, services, or research projects.

For example, Pathways contracted with the National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services Division to lead the development of new Information Management Systems to facilitate detection, assessment, and case management of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Brain Disorder problems experienced by soldiers or civilians affected by disasters.  HAI supports these initiatives by organizing project management and research teams.

HAI is developing new Health Services Research initiatives through a collaborative arrangements with internal and external groups.  HAI leads Pathways groups engaged in military and civilian stress management, Traumatic Brain Injury recovery, Health IT systems, Accountable Care Organization development, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and innovative executive performance technologies.

HAI is developing mobile stress management programs for CareSpan. the Iowa National Guard, and prmary healthcare clinics plus rural behavioral care access solutions for rural emergency rooms.

HAI also has internal responsibility for developing and holding Pathways intellectual properties such as automation natural medical interviews.

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