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Avante Personal Training Programs

Healthcare focuses on diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions. Health outcomes are eighty percent determined by personal action. Personal training is needed to develop health self-management capabilities that prevent problems and promote recovery from illness or injury.

Healthcare is a professional process. Health challenges are personal. Solutions must be patient centered, accessible, and convenient.  

An INSEAD Health Technology Conference in June 2000 concluded:

Current health care systems are professionally driven and reactive, problem oriented and concerned with treating disease. This is a broadly interventionist approach to isolated events. An alternative approach argues in favor of seeking, and maintaining wellbeing, health being self-defined and self-driven rather than defined by professionals or government. Inevitably, the solution will lie somewhere between two such approaches.

The consequences of low health self-management capabilities are excessive healthcare costs, insufficient personal health engagement, poor healthcare outcomes, and decreased economic productivity.

What Avante Does

Clinical studies by Kaiser Permanente proved that group-based training programs are effective in lowering healthcare costs.   US Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) studies at Stanford in 2002 established that health self-management training lowers chronic disease management costs.

Avante produces unique “learning by doing” training that entrain health self management capabilities.  Based on suggessful European programs, the Avante System engages participants in group processes the "entrain experience" in new behavioral patterns. 

For many years American healthcare providers have relied on giving patients reasons to change health behavior.  Many admonish patients to do better or flood them with printed material to train conceptuually. Patients do not convert these concepts into sustained actions. 

“Learning by doing” systems engage participants in physical practice that leads to new routines. After entrainment for several weeks, interval reinforcement sessions extend the routines and can make them virtually permanent.  

The Avante Process

Avante trains twelve to twenty people at a time in activity-based programs based on proprietary “learning by doing” techniques that engage participants in processes that originated in human tribal experience but have only recently been employed in the important work of changing health and work performance behavior.  People learn new behaviors physically, somewhat like soldiers first learn military routines by marching. As new routines are entrained, they lead to reliable self-regulation practices.   

Avante learning by doing systems are based on neuroscientific knowledge and clinical experience. They produce group engagement proved by German research to be more effective the more traditional group learning successes reported by Kaier Permanente and US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) research. 

Program Content

Health, performance, and productivity gains are based on acquiring physical, resource, and relationship capabilities developed through Avante participation.    Avante teaches skills that entrain better physical strength, nutrition, resource management, stress adaptation, and healthcare navigation functions. As these skills are acquired, they are reinforced by the group entrainment process.  

Training starts with an open session focused on identifying ideas and attitudes participants have about health self-management and the healthcare system.  Participants engage one another in these sessions.

In early human history when the neural system developed its remarkable social capabilities, there was little language.  Humans learned through behavioral communication such as posturing, facial expression, limb movement, and intonation.

Primitive gestures and sounds became organized in body language people still use today. Language enhances, but does not replace this communication. Publications and conferences will probably never replace shared physical experience.

Business Perspective

Companies, government organizations, and communities need to augment healthcare by adding personal health management training, a low cost solution to improve healthcare outcomes.   

Healthcare perspectives are limited by too much focus on professional procedures and verbal prescriptions. Healthcare outcomes will be improved by engaging people in meaningful self-management actions.

Avante focuses on what people can learn to do for themselves and the measurable productivity gains that can result.